Couples and Marriage Counseling

Couples and Marriage Counseling

As a solution focused therapist, specializing in couples therapy in the Palm Beach area, I am skilled in helping marriages and individuals to thrive, not just survive.  It is a courageous act to begin a journey in relationship counseling, marriage counseling, couples counseling or individual counseling.

Relationship counseling can help to repair and even strengthen your relationship.

The following questions may help you to decide whether or not you may need relationship counseling:

  • Does your partner annoy you or do you feel like they do not appreciate you?
  • Do you wonder what happened to the passion you used to feel for each other?
  • If your children are grown and have moved out, do you wonder how you lost each other along the way?
  • Do you think about separation or divorce and how it may affect your children?
  • Do you deeply resent your partner and don’t know how to stop resenting?

Do you Ever ask Yourself:

  • Why do I feel like I have to tiptoe around my partner?
  • Whey can’t he/she see that I am exhausted and I need help with the kids tonight?
  • Why do I have to ask him to do things, why can’t he do it on his own?
  • Why do I feel like I am on an emotional roller coaster?
  • Why do we always have to be together?
  • Why is she always turning me away and rejecting me when I ask for sex?
    Why does she keep nagging me?
  • Why doesn’t she understand we need to save for retirement?
  • Why is it such a big deal if I want to have a girl’s/guy’s night?

Without healthy communication and healing these problems can grow into long-term resentments that can lead you to drift apart.

Dr. Stern can help you with:

  • Enjoying being both together an apart
  • Increasing intimacy and understanding
  • Improving communication
  • Decreasing anxiety
  • Sorting out confusing feelings
  • Improve your ability to stay calm so that you can apply your best thinking during an argument
  • Improving your sex life

Divorce Counseling

Maybe you feel so deeply angry at your partner for hurting you in the past that you believe that your relationship is doomed.

Maybe you feel so disappointed with your relationship that you are thinking about divorce.

If so, I have the experience, the training, the tools and the insight to help you move toward a much more fulfilling pathway.

Dr. Stern  can help you with:

  • Moving you away from a toxic relationship so that you do not emotionally wound your children
  • Personal growth and transformation
  • Positive co-parenting
  • Keeping a clear head in order to make quality decisions
  • Moving forward with your lifetime goals and fulfilling your dreams

Now is the time to learn how to communicate and manage your life.  Why continue to exist in an unsatisfying relationship?  Now is the time to positively discuss sensitive subjects and learn how to build the relationship you really want.

You can think of relationship counseling as a long-term investment that will continue to pay dividends emotionally and spiritually.  You have the right just because you exists like the right to have fulfilling and happy relationships.

As a clinician and a doctor of Psychology, I have successfully assisted married couples, divorcing couples, families and individuals for most of my life.  I address family conflict, aging issues, grief and loss, parental issues, personality disorders and much more.

I have always been passionate about my work in the fields of individual counseling, couples counseling, and marriage counseling. I understand and respect the concept that it takes great courage to venture into a path of personal growth and change.

What if my partner doesn’t want therapy?

Depending on the situation, even if one partner is resistant to marriage or couples counseling, the other partner may still be able to impact the relationship in a positive way by doing individual therapy.

My clients have expressed to me that I am easy to talk to, supportive and non-judgmental.   I bring a wealth of experience and knowledge acquired through my doctoral studies, life experience, and teaching.

This training, compassion, and experience offers clients a unique opportunity, in a safe environment, to work through their problems and grow emotionally.

Pursuing therapy is not a sign of weakness but one of true courage.  Therapy can empower you to thrive, change your life and increase your ability to feel joy.  It is very possible to change in your life and overcome difficult, seemingly insurmountable obstacles.